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Apr 28


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The main theme of this blog is energy selective x-ray images. My approach is to combine theoretical and mathematical topics with code to implement them and examples of their use.

A free ebook on these topics is available. To get it, email me at the address on the contact page

I have turned off the comments because of spam. If you want to comment, send an email at the Contact.

Here is a map of some topics that I want to cover. I made it using ithoughtsHD on an Ipad, Freemind and Seamonkey on the PC (more on those in later posts)

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3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. bill says:

    bofo keep up the good work

  2. Yi Chen says:

    Good work!
    But The RSS feed “” is unavailable.
    This feed “” works well, so I guess the problem isn’t caused by my filewall settings.

    My WordPress software is installed by my website host company so I do not have much control over it. I was able to add the feed to my google Homepage using the following link:

  3. Yi Chen says:

    It does work, thank you for your infomation!