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Jul 23 2014

Dimensionality and noise in energy selective x-ray imaging-Part 1

Tag: Math,Noise,Physicsadmin @ 2:18 pm
In the next few posts I will discuss my paper, Dimensionality and noise in energy selective x-ray imaging, available for free download here. I will elaborate on the physical and mathematical background and explain how to reproduce the figures.

With my approach to energy selective imaging, the x-ray attenuation coefficient is approximated as a linear combination of functions of energy multiplied by constants that are independent of energy. The number of functions required is the dimensionality. The basic premise of the paper is that the dimensionality is really a pragmatic tradeoff between more information, which requires larger dimensionality, and the increase in noise, which requires higher dose and more expensive equipment to reduce it to a level where the resultant images are clinically useful. The bottom line of the paper is that with biological materials such as soft tissue, bone, and fat, only two dimensions are practical but if an externally administered contrast agent with a high atomic number element such as iodine is included then three and maybe more dimensions are possible.

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