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Apr 21 2015

A neural net A-vector estimator?

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Recently, Zimmerman and Schmidt published a paper[4] comparing the A-table estimator to a neural net estimator. Their main purpose was to compare the estimators with their experimental data but they did mention that they compared the estimators with a simulation. With this, they stated that “Both the neural network and A-table methods demonstrated a similar performance for the simulated data.” This interested me so I decided to compare the estimators using my simulation software to see if I could replicate their results. However, I found that, although the neural network estimator does a great job on no-noise data, with noise it has a substantially larger (about a factor of 100) variance and mean squared error than the A-table estimator. I also compared the estimators with the synthesized attenuation coefficient measure suggested by Zimmerman and Schmidt and found the neural net had about a factor of 10 larger value, which is consistent with the variance results. I am puzzled about the difference in the results here and Zimmerman and Schmidt’s but the code for this post can be used to reproduce the results so any errors or discrepancies can be tracked down.

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