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Sep 15 2011

CT Projection Simulator-2

Tag: Implementation,softwareadmin @ 3:05 pm

I added a 2D Gaussian object to the projection simulator described in my previous post. I also cleaned up the code.

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Sep 07 2011

A projection simulator–Matlab implementation

Tag: Implementation,softwareadmin @ 11:03 am

I previously discussed the rationale, the C++ implmentation, and the the Matlab interface for a computed tomography projection simulator. In this post, I discuss a Matlab-only implementation of a simulator. The simulator is limited to ellipses and parallel lines but it is simple and can be (fairly) easily extended to other object types and geometries.

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Sep 04 2011

Intersection of curves

Tag: softwareadmin @ 12:27 pm

In this post, I extend my PolylineIntersectSegment post to find all the intersections between two polylines. We can use the code to find the intersection of two curves by approximating them as polylines. The code is fast so you can use small intervals to get accurate results. Again, the use of complex variables makes the code easier to understand and modify.

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