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Oct 01

Estimators for Energy-selective imaging—Part 1

Tag: Implementation,Math,Noise,Physicsadmin @ 5:46 pm

In a previous post I described the application of statistical estimator theory to energy selective x-ray imaging. I introduced a linearized model for the signal and noise and in a subsequent post I described a linear maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) that achieved the Cramèr-Rao lower bound (CRLB). In many applications, such as CT, the linear model is not sufficiently accurate. In this post, I will start the discussion of my paper[3] “Estimator for photon counting energy selective x-ray imaging with multi-bin pulse height analysis.” The paper describes an estimator that is accurate for a wide dynamic range that also achieves the CRLB and has other desirable properties such as fast and predictable computation time and being implementable in a clinical institution as opposed to a physics lab. This post frames the discussion by describing general aspects of computing the A-vector from energy selective measurements and several estimators that are widely used and their properties.

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