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My blog posts include code to reproduce all the figures. The code packages include utility functions such as XrayTubeSpectrumTasmip, which computes an x-ray tube spectrum for a specified tube voltage.


CTProjSim by Bob Alvarez

A CT projection simulator in Matlab. The object is specified as a set of shapes such as ellipses, polygons, or gaussians and the projections are computed from the intersection length of lines with the shapes. This should be compared with Matlab's iradon, which specifies the object as an image. The iradon approach results in artifacts when the lines align with the image pixels. CTProjSim is discussed in my blog here, here, and here .


CTrecon by Bob Alvarez

An improved parallel projection image reconstructor for Matlab. See the discussion in my blog.


Harmonex X-ray by Bob Alvarez and Qizhi Cao

X-ray simulation software with a graphical user interface based on Microsoft Excel. Generates x-ray tube spectra, and linear, mass, and energy absorption coefficients. Here is a tutorial on its use including screen shots.


Xraymu by Bob Alvarez

Matlab code to compute the attenuation coefficient at a set energies for a material specified as a chemical formula. Attenuation coefficients and the code are discussed in my blog.


PinkNoise by Bob Alvarez

A windows program to create a .wav file of  pink noise of a specified time length. The file can be uploaded and played by a portable device like a tablet.

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