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Dual Energy Tutorials


The recent introduction of medical imaging systems with dual energy data acquisition capabilities such as the GE Revolution™ XR/d and the Siemens Somatom has rekindled interest in dual energy methods. Here I present some of my papers on dual energy imaging: BTW I like to know who is interested in my work. The links will popup an email request. I will send you a link to the file by email.


My PhD dissertation Extraction of Energy-Dependent Information in Radiography (1.7 MB)


Some fundamental topics: (Part 1) mathematical justification for the two function basis set, accuracy of the two function approximation vs. range of element atomic numbers Z and x-ray energy, three function basis set when K-edge in energy region, mathematical conditions for invertibility of the dual energy equations (175 KB)


Some fundamental topics: (Part 2) Techniques to extract and display dual energy information. Noise in dual energy. Optimal displays to minimize noise. Comparison of noise in dual energy and conventional systems.

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