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Oct 17

Deadtime-3 Pulse Height Analysis Theory

Tag: Noise,Physicsadmin @ 10:23 am

In previous posts, I discussed the mean and variance and the energy spectrum of photon counting with deadtime. In this post, I will describe the statistics of pulse height analysis (PHA) data as a function of the deadtime of the detector. I will analyze the idealized case with perfect energy bins with zero transition width and no overlap and no added electronic noise. With these assumptions and no deadtime, the number of counts in each bin is Poisson distributed with a mean value equal to the number of incident photons and the data in different bins are independent. With deadtime, the PHA data mean and variance are smaller than those with no deadtime. In addition, the data in different bins become negatively correlated.

In my next post, I will describe a Monte Carlo simulation to validate the formulas derived here.

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