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Jun 02

Scientific blogging with LyX and eLyXer

Tag: Implementation,softwareadmin @ 10:21 am
In this post, I will describe the methods that I use to create the posts on this blog. My approach is to automate the process as much as is comfortable. This reduces the repetitive work required to put a post online, reduces errors and produces a standard package of files with standard format. The standard format makes it easier for readers to follow the post and allows me to re-use the posts; for example, to create an ebook compendium of the posts. My blog discusses technical topics with a lot of mathematics so the methods that I describe will be geared to my interests but I think the general approaches of automating and creating re-useable content are useful for other subjects. The shell scripts and other code I have written were “hacked” together to do a job and designed only for my use so they lack many niceties. I will present them here as an example you can use to create code for your blog.

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